Flare Path: For the Finance Your Business Deserves
To be effective, the finance for your business or real estate project must be:

  • The right amount 
  • The right type
  • The right price
  • From the right lender

Flare Path will gain a thorough understanding of your business and its needs, then work with its extensive banking and lending contacts to deliver the best possible finance package. We remain fully involved all the way to drawdown. 

Flare Path is regulated and authorised by the FCA and is a proud member of the NACFB: the double gold standard in integrity and service.

  Alex Lynford, Director​ 

   FCA Regulated and Authorised: 726432

Bank Finance Explained

Now published and available in select bookshops and online,
Alex's How Banks Work (And How to Get Yours Working for You)
is a frank and revealing explanation of how banks operate behind the scenes, how bank managers think and what lies behind their often baffling decisions.
Using  examples of good and bad approaches, the book also sets out how to write the best credit aplications, get your complaints dealt with and hold the best meetings. These skills will allow you to strengthen your relationship with your bank and get the best out of it every time.  
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