Commercial Finance

Whether for a real estate project or a trading business, finance will only work if it is at the right level, properly structured and fairly priced. 
Before anything else, Flare Path will gain a thorough understanding of your business and your objectives. We can then determine whether you are best served by bank loans, private equity, bridging, trade finance, asset finance etc.
We shall then put together a professional borrowing or investment proposal and approach the most appropriate soucrces of finance from an extensive  base of banks, specialist finance houses and private equity. 
Call or email and let's get your commercial finance on the right footing. 
Flare Path's director, Alex Lynford is a consultant and non-executive director to a number of enterprises looking for financial and strategic input.
Alex brings experience and perspective from international business roles in South Amercia and Eastern Europe and a London-based corporate and commercial banking career across three major financial institutions.
Your needs may include anything from longer-term advice,  management of a specific project, a quick review of your business or assistance in a crucial meeting with your bank. 
It will be a pleasure to get to know your business and explore ways of working together to achieve your goals. 

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